All joking aside, it is Spring, although the weather and the calendar aren’t in agreement with one another here in Canandaigua, NY.  Winter, and everything that comes with it, is past and we are ready to take on a new season with gusto!  Vacation break in the sunny south is over, and we have tackled our winter “to do” list in earnest.  Carpets have been cleaned, everything that could be scrubbed and polished, has been, and painting, touched up.  The B&B looks brand new again, which is our annual goal.  Cushions have been “restuffed” for Ann Eliza’s Suite loveseat, an antique chair has been reupholstered because, well, it just needed it.  We have also upgraded our flat-screen HDTV’s in two rooms – Ann Eliza’s Suite now has a big honkin’ 37incher and Evie’s Chamber has the 26incher from the suite.  We still have a couple of minor things to tend to before hitting the great outdoors, but the place looks great – if I do say so myself!  We have also added a couple new recipes to the rotation, one being bacon wrapped eggs in polenta that is just YUMMY.  So, we are ready!  Plan your visit to the beautiful Finger Lakes, Canandaigua, and Bella Rose B&B, SOON!  Spring has sprung!