How can it be a new year already?  It seems as if I published a similar title just yesterday, but it must have been a year ago.  Doesn’t seem possible.  Time flies by so fast and sometimes it feels like just a blur.  I’m sure you know the feeling.

But this year is just slightly different, and I must admit, I’m glad we aren’t the superstitious type.  It is the year 2013 and if that isn’t bad enough, we are starting our seventh year.  Some people might think the number 7 is lucky, but others might be thinking……uh oh, it’s the year one gets itchy.  You know, “the seven year itch”.  THAT doesn’t sound positive does it?  Mix that with the number 13 and one might be a bit intimidating going forward.

Well, that’s poppycock.  We have nothing to fear as life in the B&B world just keeps getting better.  Already this year we met a wonderful young couple visiting the area from Florence, Italy.  They were here five nights, which isn’t so special by itself, but when you take into account that they were only going to stay ONE, it becomes pretty neat.  They enjoyed their time here enough to keep adding a night until they had no more to add.  It was a delight to get to know them and talk of Italy (you know I’m Italian, right?) and fondly remember our trip there in 2010.  But, I digress….  The point is, if that’s any indication of how 2013 will be, it will be great.  More people to come from far away lands, more people to meet and talk to and learn fun things about other parts of this great world, and more people to feed!  Yes, I know you know that we like to do a pretty darn special breakfast at Bella Rose, and this year will be no different.

So, “BE GONE” with any bad luck the number 13 could bring, or any “seven year itch”.  We look forward to another great year with our B&B and seeing you anytime you feel like coming by.   Speaking of which, isn’t it time you planned a little getaway?   Here’s to a great 2013 for you, for us, for everyone!  Cheers!