And, with blink of an eye, summer in the beautiful Finger Lakes is gone.  Just like that.  History. One wonders (or at least I do) why does it go so fast???  smh.  Amazing, really.

But the Fall brings some new and different things to Bella Rose B&B.  Well, maybe one is new and different….  We often put out fresh baked cookies in the colder months when guests are more prone to stay in more and go out less.  This year we decided to add the option of self-serve coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the form of a……wait for it……yes, you guessed it, a good ol’ Keurig machine.  It was time. And even though it is just little over a week old, it is already a hit.  We set it up for the evening and take it down at bedtime.  For those who still like that early cup of java to jump start their morning, we oblige with fresh coffee from the kitchen.  (We still like the chance to say “good morning”to you, as silly as that might sound).  So no Keurig in the morning, but those cold, “snuggle your honey” evenings, it’s all yours.

Winter will be here in Canandaigua soon.  Too soon, I imagine.  That means you should plan to come and enjoy a little getaway, camping out in front of your own toasty fireplace, sipping on a cup of something hot, and relax, relax, relax.  And, go ahead and try to watch a movie from the DVD library….see if YOU can get through it without falling asleep.  I dare you to try…..

Happy Fall, everyone!