Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?  “The Most Romantic Small Town in America” as named by Smarter Travel this past February.  http://www.smartertravel.com/photo-galleries/editorial/most-romantic-small-towns.html?id=128&photo=24621  Well, truth be told, it was awarded that as one of 10, but who cares?  Our Canandaigua ranks up there with Hawaii and California.  Not bad company, right?  But, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Canandaigua is romantic is so many ways.

We were lucky enough to be asked by the Editor of Canandaigua Magazine why we thought Canandaigua was romantic.  Seeing that we have what we think of as a romantic B&B, we might have had an opinion or two….  Shocking, I know.  But in addition to MANY OTHER options of things to do, this is what we offered:
We think Canandaigua is romantic because there are so many things lovers can do hand-in-hand.  They can walk safely through historical neighborhoods admiring unique architecture of well-kept homes.  They can stroll from one of these neighborhoods right into beautiful Sonnenberg Gardens and sit among the quiet beauty of the roses….  Or they could wander through our quaint shops downtown on their way to a wine tasting, a cooking class (the couple who cooks together, stays together, as I like to say…), or a simple walk around the nose of our prized jewel – the lake.  I especially love the romance of sitting in a swing together while the water kisses the rocks.  How relaxing, and we know it’s hard to be romantic if you aren’t relaxed!!!  The perfect ending to a walk-filled day in Canandaigua is to return to (our!) cozy B&B, sit on your private balcony or in your bubble tub for two and enjoy a chilled bottle of Finger Lakes wine before climbing into the best bed you’ve ever slept in…  The icing on the cake is waking up to the wonderful aroma of breakfast cooking, especially for you, and served by candlelight.  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Of course there are at least a dozen other things that scream “romance” in our small town, but if you’ve been here you know this.  If not, don’t you think it’s time you found out for yourselves?  You owe yourself that much…..!