Okay, so it’s a little quirky.  Or a lot quirky, but it gets your attention.  Something like the leaves when the sun glistens off them as they shine in glorious reds and golds.  Positively beautiful.  That’s what it’s like around the Finger Lakes when the leaves change color.  And, since the rolling hills surround our spectacular lakes, it makes for a great car ride, a few photo stops, and maybe even a crisp walk or two in a state park to take it all in.  There’s so much calling you here and not enough time to do it.  You can pick apples, drink cider, buy a grape pie.  You can take a sky ride at Bristol Mountain, a balloon ride over Letchworth State Park (where the views are phenomenal!) or even a Canandaigua Lady boat ride on the cleanest lake you’ve ever seen.  All so doable, all so grand.  Breathtaking views with the scent of ripe grapes in the air.  Doesn’t get any better than this.  I guess that’s why people flock to the Finger Lakes in the Fall.  There’s just no better place to be!  So, check your calendar, make a date to go away, and do it.  You’ll be glad you did!