Man, is it ever hot in the Finger Lakes! This is one of the hottest summers in Canandaigua, NY, in a very long time, at least as long as we’ve hug the “Open” shingle outside Bella Rose B&B, which is now in its sixth season.  (Wow, can that be true???)  Anyhoo, today is in the upper 90’s and the humidity almost just as high.  Wicked hot!  Why does this matter in a blog post, you ask?  WELL, I have a bit of “cool” news to share….  This year we elected to add to our already fantastic central a/c system and boy are we thrilled we did!  It couldn’t have come at a better time!

If you stayed with us in years past, you will probably fondly recall that our upstairs bedrooms were always cold compared to the downstairs.  I guess if any room should be cool in a Bed & Breakfast, especially for sleeping, it should be the bedrooms.  So, I gave us high points on planning that very well.  But, what we neglected to consider when renovating the house all those years, is how warm the dining room could get during breakfast time when all the cold air was being enjoyed in the bedrooms.  The empty and CLOSED bedrooms at that time of day, I might add.  It just didn’t dawn on us until it, well, summer arrived and some days it was a tad warm during breakfast.  Too warm for us as hosts who might “sweat” the details from time-to-time.  (Like the pun?)

Well, that’s all changed.  Bella Rose B&B is no longer too warm during breakfast.  It is a cool 73 degrees and now our guests not only get to enjoy an incredible breakfast (if I do say so myself), but they get to enjoy it comfortably too.  So, now there is no reason to not come to the Finger Lakes for your next getaway, even in the dog days of summer.  We have your room ready, it is downright cool, and so is the rest of the house.  Yahoo!  Our current guests don’t even know it, but they are happier this year and because of that, so am I!  Bring On Summer!!!!