Summer is here!! Yeah!  It is standing tall in all its glory and I couldn’t be happier. Fruits and veggies are popping up all over suddenly and I find this to be very exciting — not to mention downright delicious. Asparagus, strawberries, zucchini, and even our own herbs and tomatoes are here, if only for a short time and it’s hard to pass them up.  Every year I try to build on the “homegrown theme” more than the year before when it comes to breakfast.  And our guests seem to really enjoy it.  Yesterday, when serving local strawberries (dolled up our own special way….), one guest actually yelled “Yes!”, as if it were the first time ever to have such a thing.  I loved it!  Makes me feel good and worth the extra effort. So, why not?  It could be as simple as using our own herbs planted in hanging baskets along side flowers, or visiting the local farm markets, or taking the time to pick these delectable goodies ourselves.  However we do it, it is so rewarding to use “all things local” in our breakfast dishes. The other day I felt like a little kid picking our first tomato off our patio plant.  How silly!  Or snipping a little fresh sage for that fresh baked sage tea bread we used for our first course this morning…  Or, the anticipation of picking fresh strawberries later this week in time for the weekend.  It may sound crazy, but it is so much more fun using our own stuff for breakfast, picked with our own grubby hands, and this ’tis the season when it all happens. I just wish it all lasted just a little longer… But, even so, it is great fun to plan what to make just by what’s hot and ready for pickin’.  And it is all soooo good!  Come on summer — let’s go!