For those “foodies” following our Bella Rose blog for newly tested recipes, this one’s for you. As promised a few weeks ago, this week hubby and I tried “Baby Dutch Babies”, a name you gotta love. Our crude attempt at pictures doesn’t do it justice, but we thought it was another winner to be added to the 2011 menu. Truth be told, I didn’t exactly do it according to directions and still liked it – a lot! I must be getting braver in my old age! Modifications included adding a little cinnamon and vanilla to the “baby batter” and doing sauteed apples with dried cranberries as the fruit. Put it all on a plate puddled with warm NYS maple syrup and a couple of pork sausage patties on the side, and yes, it tasted great on a cold Spring morning. You know what they say about those blind squirrels, right? Anyway, be looking for it if you come, albeit changed up, of course! So, what shall we do next? Souffles, maybe….