It is January.  Dark, dreary, dead of winter January.  This is the time of year when I think about snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa to watch a new movie or read a book that’s been calling me or experiment with a new recipe, or just do nothing.  All from the inside of my own home (unless it’s vacation time….well, then from the inside of SOMEONE else’s home)!  Skiing, snowboarding or even walking in the white stuff called snow does absolutely nothing for me — I’m just not a “let’s have fun in the snow” kind of gal.  So, I get it when people say they just want to hunker down in front of their hot fire and watch it all happen from the inside of their cozy room.  I get it.  That’s exactly what my idea of a weekend getaway in winter would be too!

You must be asking what’s all this nonsense about.  Because I get that being out in the snow is not exactly your idea of winter fun, then driving in it probably isn’t either.  White knuckling it with grips on the steering wheel so tight you think the blood will never get to your finger tips is not our idea of a good time, right?  Right!

So, if you want to get away to hunker down, the weather shouldn’t scare you from planning such a weekend.  Go ahead and make those plans.   We have books, movies, hot cocoa and the fire.  Or we have snow if you are so inclined to play in it — I don’t judge. (lol) You just have to make those plans.  And, if the weather decides to reek havoc on those plans and you just don’t feel comfortable driving in it just to keep a reservation, we have the relief you need too.

If you feel you can’t make your reservation due to mother nature’s mood (aka snowstorm*), we won’t hold you to it.   We will waive our cancellation policy and happily reschedule your visit or issue you a gift certificate for a future stay.  No penalty, no problem.  We don’t want you risking your safety just to keep a reservation.  That is crazy!  So, if you plan your visit with us and the weather is an issue, just call.  We’ll find a solution that works for us both.  After all, “stress” and “getaway” aren’t words that belong in the same sentence!

Come, relax in the Finger Lakes however you choose to do it, and no matter what that means, we have the perfect winter getaway spot for you!  A hot fire and cup of cocoa will be waiting….

*forecast includes storm watch/warnings for your area or ours during time of visit